Career Derailment Questionnaire

Find Out Where Your Career is Vulnerable

Below are 5 sets of questions. Each set deals with a different aspect of career derailment. For each question, select the number which most accurately describes you and your current situation with respect to your career.

When answering these questions, consider that you’re talking to a trusted friend. In other words, try to be as honest and candid as possible. Only with honesty will this assessment of your potential for career derailment be accurate and helpful to you in advancing your career.

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When you think about performance reviews you’ve had or informal feedback you’ve received, how often has this feedback been focused on your need to improve your interpersonal skills (such as improving your listening skills or being less being defensive, aloof or abrasive)?

Rarely / Never
Very Often

Think about how you act when you work with others under stressful conditions. How often would you say you become visibly upset or volatile in these types of situation?

Rarely / Never
Very Often

If you asked your peers what it’s like to work with you, how do you think they would respond?

Very Easy To Work with
Very Difficult To Work with

When working through business situations, especially those involving conflict, how easy or difficult is it for you to take into account your co-worker’s point of view?

Find It Easy To Look At Situation From Other Vantage Points
Find It Difficult To Look At Situation From Other Vantage Points

To what extent are you reluctant to share decision-making authority with others?

Not At All Reluctant
Very Reluctant

When your co-workers or people you manage get stuck or don’t know how to approach a work problem, how often do you find yourself becoming impatient with the situation?

Rarely / Never
Very Often

Thinking about the people you manage or others in your organization, how comfortable do you think they are in coming to you with a work problem?

Very Comfortable
Not At All Comfortable

Think about how you communicate your vision for the business with your team members and co-workers. How well do you think they understand your vision and what you see as important to accomplish in order to succeed?

Very Well
Not At All Well

In general, when you are in a meeting do you find that you mainly listen or do you mainly talk?

Mainly Listen
Mainly Talk

When faced with a situation where there is conflict among those with whom you work, how promptly do you help resolve the conflict?

Very Promptly
Very Slowly, If At All

How resistant would you say you are when asked to change the way you do things at work?

Rarely / Never Resistant
Very Resistant

Think about situations in your career when you’ve been assigned to a new boss. How easy or difficult have you found it getting used to his / her approach?

Very Easy
Very Difficult

How knowledgeable would you say you are on the latest technologies that are influencing your business / industry?

Very Knowledgeable
Not At All Knowledgeable

Outside of work, how frequently do you read about what’s going on in your industry?

Very Frequently
Not At All Frequently

To what extent would your co-workers say that you’re able to adapt to the personalities of different types of people with whom you work?

Very Adaptable
Not At All Adaptable

How would you describe yourself when it comes to how you use your skill set to address business issues?

I Use a Broad Set Of Skills To Work Through The Business Issue I Face
I Rely On 1-2 Core Skills To Work Through The Business Issues I Face

Have you focused on one type of work, holding similar positions throughout your career or have you had a variety of work experiences, working on a diverse set of assignments?

Varying Positions/Many Types Of Work
Similar Positions/One Type Of Work

How well would you say you understand the work and the priorities of other departments in your organization?

Very Well
Not Well At All

How frequently do you receive feedback that you need to pull back and consider the big picture with regard to a business issue or situation?

Rarely / Never
Very Often

How do you think your co-workers would describe your level of knowledge about your firm’s competitive strengths and weaknesses?

Very Knowledgeable
Not At All Knowledgeable

How often do you find yourself late on delivering against work deadlines?

Rarely / Never
Very Often

Given the ever-changing business environment that can sidetrack your daily calendar, how challenging do you find it to complete the priorities you set for yourself over the course of a given week?

Not Challenging
Very Challenging

How certain are you in your knowledge of what is most critical to accomplish to be successful in your job?

Very Certain
Not At All Certain

How easy or difficult is it for you to say no to a work colleague regarding requests that are outside of your core responsibilities?

Very Easy To Say No
Very Difficult To Say No

How often do you find that you commit yourself to a situation or course of action before giving it full and thoughtful consideration?

Rarely / Never
Very Often